Policy and strategy of Dragon Express

Any company established on basis, policy and strategy will not suffer in the future and will not to deviate from the road as others. Therefore, it was in the first priority to make a policy and strategy for Dragon Express

The following is a breakdown of these principles:

  1. Moral

    Of misconceptions for some people that trade has no religion nor morality and truth is exactly the opposite as the Ethics in our view, a catalyst for success because of its strong influence in building bridges of confidence between the parties to the process of trade

    Therefore, the administrative decisions exposure to this principle at first, then it will passed to the next stage or never even though it cost us any losses because we know that these losses were temporary and false

  2. Continuity

    Is one of the main objectives of the company, the most important for the company not only for Dragon Express but also to all companies that adopt policies on scientific grounds, it is with us one of the fundamentals that should be taken in consideration when making decisions and is intended to co-exist more attention to profitability and achieve a return as it is self-evident proof of the success of the company

  3. Growth

    For our company long-term development goals this goals has no limits and this force us to achieve short-term goals

    The growth includes the following items

    • Expansion of logistics services that we offer to the international trade market
    • Expansion in the number of branches around the world affiliated to us and which will ensure our client the best service
    • Increase in the number of clients that we serve in order to achieve our desired self-fulfillment
    • Growth in the number of staff, including from social service contribute to the company and a national duty for all companies in every community
  4. Development

    Development is no longer choose we can refuse but become a commitment, so who will delay will suffer for this principle we work in the field of logistics modern technology in all stages

    Therefore, we committed ourselves to be always conforming the latest technology to serve the quality of performance.