Who we are


We are Trucking, logistics company operating in over 150 countries worldwide, providing great shipping experience to our clients.

Who we are

Dragon Express is a full-service logistics services provider established in 2009 headquartered in Maadi, Cairo and branches in Alexandria, Sokhna port, Cairo airport. We work with clients inside Egypt and abroad to support their domestic and international logistics needs with worldwide accreditations from WCA, FIATA and ELFFA via sea, air freight, and customs clearance. We also offer road transport, and warehousing services.

At Dragon Express, we proudly stand head and shoulders above our competitors, offering professional logistics services. Our unique combination of experience, service, and technology allows us to provide logistics services that offer a high degree of reliability while remaining cost-effective.

In this profile, you will find a summary of the services that we offer, along with examples of prior work for clients similar to your respectful company.

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On behalf of the entire team at Dragon

Express, I thank you for the opportunity to earn your business, we look forward to supporting your logistics needs for many years to come!


We always live up to our promises. We treat everyone with respect, dignity and honesty. We hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards in what we do.


We endorse and apply the highest standards of proficiency. We believe in forward thinking.

Our Commitment

Dragon Express builds a strong relationship through honesty and respect providing a fast, safe & cost- effective delivery to our clients.


We believe that innovation is what make us different and better than the others.


We believe in doing things right the first time in order to give our customers the best possible service and to use our resources in the most productive way. We support a quality work environment.


We are dedicated to accomplishing our goals through teamwork. Each member of the team complements and completes the others.

Learning & Personal Growth

We believe that our growth and success as a company is based on the growth and success of each of us as individuals.

Building partnerships

We provide consistent and reliable services to each and every customer. We believe in building mutually rewarding relationships with our suppliers.

Social Responsibility

We have a duty to the society in which we live and work. We are also committed to protecting the environment and natural resources

Occupational Health & Safety

We ensure proper protection for people and property. We are committed to providing safe workplaces and using safe processes and equipment.